Mertex PALPA polycotton offer unique comfort and protection. Due to the special PALPA construction these textiles combine the best of cotton and polyester. 100% cotton on the skin ensures moist absorption, softness and high comfort. The polyester core distribute moist rapidly, dries quickly and make the textile durable. Compliant with EN13795 requirements for clean air suits after 100 WDA cycles. Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

Mertex PALPA textiles are ideal for clean air suits, scrub suits, standard performance surgical gowns or the non-critical area of a high performance surgical gown. All types include carbon yarn and are available with either repellent or absorbent finish. We also offer 100 % polyester single layer fabric. All Mertex single layer fabrics comply with the European EN13795 standard even after 100 WDA cycles.

Mertex PALPA väv finns även för operationsrockar.

Clean air suits are medical devices used to minimize the spread of infective agents to patients’ surgical sites and equipment, through prevention of dispersal of bacteria-carrying skin scales from operating room staff. Clean air suits are regulated by the European standard EN13795

Scrub suits are not medical devices and are thus not covered by the European standard EN13795